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The Fifth World

The Fifth World The Founders through Jaap van Etten

Due to many changes in my life, I planned to stop channeling the Founders for a while. We can plan as much as we want and even have good arguments for our planning; however, that does not mean things will unfold according to our plans. Each day, I pull a card from the twenty-two cards of the great arcana of the tarot. A couple of times, I pulled the World card. This card is the last card of the great arcana and marks the end of the Fool’s journey. It is the card of completion. The card tells us that all we need for a balanced world is available. However, when you complete a journey, a new one will present itself. Because I pulled the card so often and did not understand the meaning of this frequency, I asked the Founders. You can read the answer to my question in this channeling.

We are the Founders. We are the consciousness of the first souls who came to Earth. We have shared in several channelings information about the four realities that are out of phase with each other. We would like to expand this subject a bit more. Figure 1 shows the thirteen levels of consciousness we created to bridge our consciousness with that of the physical aspects of the Gaia system. More important for this sharing are the four realities. There are barriers between consciousness levels resulting in the creation of these four realities. These realities are separated because the worlds shifted out of phase with each other based on certain levels of consciousness.

For many of you, the concept of four realities was new. However, within certain traditions on your planet, the concept is known as the four worlds. The Hopi, the Maya, and the Aztecs are familiar with this concept. The Kabbalah also holds the concept of the four worlds. However, the interpretation of what it means to have four worlds differs in each tradition. Some traditions even say that you are already in the fifth world. What is important is that the concept of four realities, or worlds, still exists in your consciousness.