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The Expansion of Human Consciousness

The Expansion of Human Consciousness Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

At this event, there was a discussion on being more aware of how the consciousness operates so that we can choose beneficial responses to various types of energies we may encounter in everyday life, including how to maintain a centered spiritual focus and agenda in the face of negativity. Count St. Germain advises us that readers have the assistance of the spiritual realms, just as attendees at the event have, by opening their consciousnesses to spiritual awareness and allowing the assistance of the ascended ones in the higher realms. And if you wish, you may join these classes held in the ascended realms by forming the intention to do so and communicating this to your guides and teachers in the spiritual realms.

The most important thing I can tell you at this time is to be aware of where your consciousness is because, dearest ones, you are perfectly capable of carrying your consciousness far beyond the physical body. Many of you do this, but you are not fully aware of it. So whenever you’re interested in something, study it from the center of your head. And if you wish to travel out of your body, be aware that you have traveled out of your body. Some of you have quite a facility with this and are very used to doing it, but you don’t realize how much of yourself you take beyond the boundaries of your physical vehicle when you take these forays into the unknown.
This is very much a part of ascension. It is all about honing these abilities in awareness of your consciousness and how you locate your consciousness — within your body or without — perhaps in another spiritual realm or another place on this planet. This is a part of the knowledge that has been amassed by the ones who have learned how to time travel, teleport, bilocate, and all of these things. It is all done through honing the skills of transporting the awareness far from the physical form and then returning to the physical form.