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Dream Zone: All Signs Point to Forward Movement

Dream Zone: All Signs Point to Forward Movement Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

I had a dream the other night that I was moving into an old abandoned house I used to live in awhile back. I had to clean it up first, clear out all the spider webs and spiders. As I was cleaning, I noticed the spiders were black widows. That’s when I ran out of the house!
— Sabrina, 25, San Marcos, TX

From Lauri: Has something from your past resurfaced? The old house represents a former part of you. What were you like or what was your life like when you lived in that house? Is anything going on now that seems similar to back then?
You are cleaning up in the dream, which means in real life, you are either working on sorting out an issue or improving something; however, your subconscious is concerned.