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The Communication Breakdown

The Communication Breakdown Ataoris through Gilly Wilmot

Strength in communication among all living forms is a vital aspect for development. Living forms include human beings and other living, sentient beings: creatures of the sea, the land, and the air. All need to communicate, and their communication needs to be strong and clear.
At this time in particular on your world, we do not need to emphasize the lack of clarity in what is going on. To say that the waters are muddied would be an understatement. Communication has broken down in many areas of human endeavor. When communication breaks down, relationships fragment. And part of the human experience is making and learning from relationships. Therefore, when clarity is lacking, relationships break down. It can start with something quite small. You know that when an argument between two people fails to reach a resolution, that relationship can fracture, and the breakdown can ripple outward.
So it is at this moment on planet Earth. There is a dramatic loss in communication and a decline in positive relationships. This has to do partly with the history of Earth and the way human beings have developed. We have regrets about the development of the human brain, which we had hoped would have more balance between what you would call the masculine and the feminine, the two aspects. It is true that the relationships between males and females need work, and that is putting the situation very mildly. Relationships there have broken down. Indeed, around the world, there have never been truly positive relationships between the genders; therefore there has been a failure to grow and develop. And because such relationships are breaking down, there are ramifications in all aspects of communication.