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Choose Your Window of Time

Choose Your Window of Time Ariel through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. We’re here. You beings on your planet now are having this experience we call windows of time. In your computer world, you have an application called Windows. Your news media plays these scenes for you, and you click on the item to read it. They display pictures in a window, and you’re in that window of time. You’re accumulating energies in that window of time. Whether you agree or disagree with the subject, you have your opinions on the subject.
What you’re experiencing now in your physical reality is a result of windows of time. You’re in a space-time continuum, and what you look at, you have to accommodate in some manner within the system for your understanding. You’re going through that now, and this is where you begin to learn, as an individual entity and divine being, to claim your space — to determine your parameters, so to speak, of what you will be entertained by.
I suggest that nature is the prime candidate because in the window of time within nature, you see all things. You’ll be allowed visions, and you’ll be allowed (what you call) the understanding of the importance of yourself in your moment. You have a moment, and it is important not only to you but also to the space around you. You’re going through this process now of figuring it out within you.