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The Breath of Unity

The Breath of Unity Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, many of you carry deep sorrow within your hearts because the perception exists that your benevolent world is imploding as each day passes. It appears as if the forces behind greed and the subjugation of your cultural minorities and of those your societies have framed as not mattering are silencing the calls for greater good.
Many of you are recalling the cellular memories of previous incarnations when similar energies and scenarios existed that did not end so well for humanity, or so it seems from the human perspective. It seems to many of you that you are regressing into chaos at an alarmingly rapid pace. Your fear of death and the collective memories of great suffering contribute to your sense of dread as the potentials for great change play out in your current world.
As you become more aware of the suffering that has been hidden in the past by your one-sided histories, your hearts ache because you see the problems in ways that you previously have not seen them. The alleged return to overt force and the discordant beliefs that have shaped your earthly reality for years, at least from the human perspective, serve a purpose, dear ones. It is an uncomfortable but necessary part of the process in shifting consciousness according to human choice.