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Ask Erik: Take Responsibility for What You Create

Ask Erik: Take Responsibility for What You Create Elisa Medhus

I am currently working at an elementary school as an aide, and just when I feel I’m making progress with my client, he regresses again. What else can I do to help him, and where do you see me going in this field of work?
— Megan K

From Erik: There are deeper traumas that have not been dealt with and have been repressed. Don’t try to fix or push your client; rather, try to find the underlying problem and feed it with love, understanding, and healing. Let him know that you’re there for him without putting any pressure on him.
Pressure makes your client shut down and hide, so allow him to just talk about anything he wants to talk about, and see where these conversations lead. Patience and love always lead to healing and progress. Regarding the job, introducing mindfulness will not only help you but also your career.