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Accept You Already Are the Best Version of You

Accept You Already Are the Best Version of You Starbeings of Conroy through Thelma Bodnar

Greetings, dear ones near and far. As you read these words, know you are being brought into a new awareness of love and light combined with a splash of joy and peace. These elements of your life call to you to experience your highest self in all you think, do, and say. Your life experiences are magnified exponentially as you express yourself as love, light, joy, and peace.
Our wish for you is the perfect expression of your true self. Our deepest desire is that you can come to know this true self and nurture it as you would a newborn baby. You deserve the greatest demonstration of your self in this latest reincarnation of your being.
Coming into your own in this way is a sure sign of your evolvement, growth of character, fortitude, and undying desire to enjoy the multifaceted beingness of you! There will be no echoes of disenchantment when you follow your guidance. Your inner love can challenge the depths of despair. Your light dispels the darkness and the scariness of the unknown.