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Your Soul Awakening

Your Soul Awakening Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

“What do soul agreements have to do with life’s destiny?” you might ask. There are many paths that become temporary roads (metaphorically speaking) that are necessary to find the way to your true destiny. Know that you are creating and re-creating your lives constantly with multiple and diverse beliefs that come about through each person’s mixture of assumptive knowledge, knowledge that comes from everything and that is heard and retained because of fear or as something that can enhance one’s mind and life. This can’t help but to include everything you absorb from focused contemplation and study as well. These factors are what create endless layers of experiences in every incarnation.

All parts of life, including the animal kingdom (which also can think and perceive), help you to manifest the many varied ways of living life and seeking the ultimate destiny of an awakened self. Because you all have soul minds and ego minds, you can often become confused as to which part of the mind is being listened to — the ego personality mind or your soul mind. The ego personality mind can cause feelings of anxiousness and not being sure about what you perceive. This is why humans and animals make agreements with specific souls before being birthed into human or animal form. These agreements help trigger experiences that will mutually activate and orchestrate the awakening of each other’s thoughts and feelings, bringing about soul and mind connections that have the potential to open each living being to deeper, mutual understandings of their relationships, be they human to human, animal to animal, or human to animal.

Animal souls and human souls have necessary learning experiences between them, just as humans do with each other. Like human relationships, animal and human relationships are not always harmonious and loving. If that is the case, it doesn’t necessarily mean they chose each other wrongly. Animals, like people, can think and perceive too; they just do it in different ways and different languages.