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Your Path to Ascension

Your Path to Ascension Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Peace be with you, beautiful ones. This is Count St. Germain with very pertinent information. Truly, a testing time is coming for all of you because this is how you learn. Is it not? It is through using, in a conscious and controlled way, the immense power each of you has because of the work you have done in your lifetime.

We’re coming to you now to instruct you further in how to be aware of the great power within you when you consciously align with the higher forces — the divine force within each one of you. This is sometimes overlooked by human beings who think they must utilize only their own power and abilities. We are standing close by and will gladly assist with the infusion of our energies if you will but say the word. Allow us to have the opportunity to make great changes in your energies and, therefore, in your lives.

The time is coming (not only for you but also Earth) of great testing, when you try to be the little versions of yourselves, struggling along and feeling lost, dejected, and overwhelmed with what you define as larger forces that affect Earth and all upon it. These large energies are coming to Earth with the intention to teach humanity how to use very high abilities. You can combine with other intelligences to summon and direct this higher intelligence on Earth to accomplish many things.