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Your Evolving Connection with All Humanity

Your Evolving Connection with All Humanity Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. My partner literally steps away and his consciousness is split. As many times as he does this, it’s always new. He knows what to expect, but each time, it’s slightly different. Dear ones, this is channeling as he does it, and as we’ve said before, there is no generic way to channel.

Human Beings will open themselves up, and channeling can come out in song or the greatest paintings you have ever seen. Some of the greatest creations of the centuries that you have experienced and enjoyed have been channeled. The greatest melodies of the planet — channeled. The beautiful sculptures that you see that speak to you have been channeled. So this connection with the Creator comes out in so many different ways, but even those who speak the words, as my partner is doing, have many different ways of doing so.

Some Humans must be literally taken out of their own consciousnesses, and they remember nothing. Then there’s my partner who has asked to remain present. It’s because he does it this way that it takes him longer to understand what is being said — to cognize it and to check the messages for integrity.