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You Are Not Designed to See the Big Picture

You Are Not Designed to See the Big Picture Ananda through Tina Louise Spalding

Your body is a manifestation of mind. It is not a thing that creates you; rather, you have created your body. Your body comes from thought, belief, and both truth and untruth. It is the physical manifestation of all that you think you are. This is a large concept for the Western mind to comprehend, for you think that the body is who you are in the sense that it contains you, it creates you, and it houses your brain and all the nerves and synapses that give you your reality. But that is not the case.

Your reality creates the body; your mind creates the body. It is not until you understand this concept that you can really come to terms with your relationship with the body. Your natural home is not on this physical world. It is not in this three-dimensional existence you call your life. Your real home is in the nonphysical. The majority of your self always resides in the nonphysical and only sends small snippets of itself into physical manifestation to collect and retrieve information and to create.

Your real self is nonphysical in nature. It is connected to what you call God, to the source of benevolence that guides all things that you do and do not see. Understand that there are many worlds, dimensions, universes, and realities that you are not in touch with, that you are not even aware of. Your three-dimensional world, and indeed your body, is just a small snippet of reality. You are as a small mouse trying to understand a great city, and it is impossible for you to do. It does not mean that the city does not exist, but the mouse is unable to comprehend anything about it. It does not even see it, for its senses are not designed to see it.