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You Are Learning What True Power Is

You Are Learning What True Power Is Arjuna with Krishna through Arthur Fanning

A lot of what is beginning to happen in your world today already has been given to you in, what you beings call, the Gita — the Bhagavad Gita. Now, that teaching and the entities involved show up to combat evil. You’ll have the experience — not yet — of that negative force, you call it, and the astral failing you. You’re getting a fine taste of it from your news media as they take the time and space of your mind and the reflection and answers and defenses of positions you’re in politically. So you’re confusing yourselves, willingly participating.

You have to understand this term “not participation.” In this not participation, you have the feeling of loneliness. Yet the loneliness is a key to the door of your inner perceptions to your true power. The true power is inside you. You beings now are going through this process of an exchange of consciousness. You’re seeing a separation here. You’re seeing the feminine consciousness and the male consciousness — this duality thing. But you understand that there’s companionship involved here, necessary unions.

The breathing of life has allowed for everything — trees too, rocks — anything. The concept needs to be understood that it’s not just your lungs that are breathing. It’s your bones, literally. We (we say “we” in the conjunction that we’re still walking on this planet) used to know how to manufacture bones — from the thoughts and words of it to the minerals in the kingdom of Earth — but we forgot. So we were given the grace to be born through the mother, who provided the sustenance and the necessary course of understanding for bones to be produced within her for you because you forgot how to do it.