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Use Feminine Science to Change Your World

Use Feminine Science to Change Your World Reveals the Mysteries through Robert Shapiro

Publisher’s Note: Zoosh and others through Robert Shapiro have been talking about benevolent magic in the Explorer Race and other books since the mid-1990s. Explanations of the process and examples of words to say for benevolent magic and living prayer are scattered throughout the books and are also in previous articles featured in the Sedona Journal of Emergence!

Then in 2005, this mini-book devoted only to benevolent magic and living prayer was published in a size that fits in a pocket or pocketbook. It is packed with how-it-works information and many, many examples of the exact words to say so that you get what you want with your request for magic or prayer. These words work! We are printing the first chapter of the book here to give you an idea of how to use these tools of creation — methods creators use to create universes and beings on other planets routinely use in their lives — so that you can create a benevolent life for yourself, your loved ones, and all life on Planet Earth.

Benevolent magic is a system designed to go beyond what you now know as prayer. Prayer is a system because it clearly defines what you want and need for yourself, your family, your friends, your community — the world. And it does so in a structured way that allows you to feel connected to Creator, whoever or whatever that named identity for Creator in your religion or philosophy is. Benevolent magic is a little different. It doesn’t replace any of that prayer that you now do — continue to do that as you like. But it supports that.