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The Three Realities of Human Consciousness

The Three Realities of Human Consciousness The Founders through Jaap van Etten

We are the Founders. We are the collective consciousness of the first wave of souls who came to Earth. We also are the ones who created the twelve levels of consciousness to bridge our collective consciousness with that of Gaia. In doing so, we created a map for you to move from your current consciousness level to a consciousness level that will have the same vibration as ours. However, on your journey of increasing consciousness, you will also raise the vibration of the Gaia system as a whole to allow Gaia to become part of the universal living system. As we mentioned before, this is an inevitable process. You will determine whether it will be easy or difficult and long or short, but you cannot prevent the process from happening.

It is important for you to realize that your consciousness already has a connection with all twelve levels. However, your physical body, that part of you that is one with Gaia, has a consciousness that functions in the lower levels. It is the vibration of your physical system that does not match higher vibrations and the connected levels of consciousness. The journey is to change the current frequencies of your physical system into higher vibrations. Your souls are stimulating you to do so. Unfortunately, most of you do not listen to your souls or only do so in a limited way. Therefore, many beings of light and higher consciousness have chosen to help you, including us. We have always supported the journey of descent, and we will now support the journey of ascent. Currently, our support is more direct than in the past.

In this sharing, we provide more information about the higher levels of consciousness, the consciousness levels that are out of phase with your three levels of consciousness — your reality. You may wonder why we do this. After all, you have not even mastered the three levels of consciousness of the reality in which you live, so what is the use? You wonder this because you think linearly. You are correct that within the reality in which you live, the three levels of consciousness develop mostly in a linear way. Consequently, you think that the only way to master all twelve levels will also be linear. However, that is not the case.