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Solar Absorption for the Lightbody

Solar Absorption for the Lightbody Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I’ve been studying solar rejuvenation and trying to absorb more sunlight to become more of a body of light. I know the best time to do this is when the Sun comes up and when it sets, but I’m not always in a place where I can see the Sun because of our hills and mountains. Am I still absorbing it even though I do not see it? Do I have to see it to really absorb the blessings from the Sun?

No. Ultimately, your lightbody absorbs it. It is not your physical eyes at all. It is your lightbody, your energy body, your etheric body. This absorption can be done through intention and without being in the physical presence of the Sun because it is not a physical system you are working with. The physical is support, and this can be very helpful (especially in the beginning), but it is not necessary.

You can also draw this light from other stars. Do not be limited to only your Sun. There is great light to be drawn. Each star has its own quality. Each star system brings a different quality. It might be that your being is guiding you to other sources that are more tuned harmonically to your frequency and your path of light. Explore that.