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Revitalize Your Heart Flame to Support Earth Changes

Revitalize Your Heart Flame to Support Earth Changes Mother Mary through Therese Dorer

Feeling alone, sad, and discouraged with the world’s events, I noticed a soft light surrounding me, holding and cradling me. I felt surrounded with unconditional love and light, encircled with this divine love like a morning mist. It was the energy of our sweet Mother Mary. Softly she whispered, “Rest, child. Be still. Let us hold you and cradle you. We love and cherish you, dearest one.”

I come forth for all of the beautiful souls of Earth. Now is the time to reset your energy field, rest, and rejuvenate. There has been upheaval in your Western world, and many are embracing fear. I ask you to remember that the darkness cannot exist in the light of your love and intention.

Lightbeings are being called to keep a steady light shining in their hearts for the entire world to see, feel, and absorb. The darkness of humankind’s fears is being exposed, and now is the time for you to hold the highest light, love, and truth.