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Restoring Heaven on Earth

Restoring Heaven on Earth Kia through Laura Pieratt

We greet you with joy on this occasion, reconnecting hearts and minds to share wisdom and a collective vision that flows from the source of All That Is. We are one, indeed, a collective of many diverse beings sourced from and ever connected to one infinite Creator whose love, benevolence, and perfection radiates outward in vastly unimaginable proportions and diverse creations.

It can seem overwhelming to the human mind that has been cut off from much of its knowledge and awareness of the greater reality that exists just beyond its limited, veiled experience. Thus it is good to remember you are volunteers who are here by your own free will because great growth and evolution are available to those who come to Earth and agree to forget who they are and from whence they came.

Know that you are magnificent, powerful beings — infinite, eternal, radiant sources of extraordinary potential and goodwill and, indeed, part of a vast, divine plan. You have New Earth templates stored in your internal databases that are ready for activation now that you have entered the golden era. These internal resources have been awaiting a time ready for the gifts that lie dormant at the heart of your essence. As they begin to activate, you might wonder, “Where did that ability come from? How can I do ‘this’ or know that which I didn’t take time to learn? Can I trust it? Is this even me? If I don’t know where this ability or knowledge comes from and I don’t recognize it, can I trust it? Can I hold the energy of something so great and recognize it as that which I Am, as that which I know, and as that which is innate, held deeply within me for eons?” Of course, time is a construct, so really you can just think of drawing it forth in the now from your soul’s collective archive of many existences, expressions, specialties, and lifetimes you chose for the joy, desire, preparation, and growth of experiencing something in particular.