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The Recessional Wave

The Recessional Wave The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home, dear ones. You are making astounding leaps forward in consciousness. We watch with great joy and share this with you because it is our vision from Home. There are harmonies and repetitions throughout your world. In reality, your time that you know as linear is circular, and you repeat things. That is how you accomplish advancement and empowerment in your life as you pretend to be a human.

Now all humans everywhere are starting to align in different ways. We understand that you look at your news and everything that is taking place in your world and see upheaval, arguments, and probably more division than you have seen in a very long time. We see it too. It is not new, dear ones; it has always been there.

Quite simply, with the new technologies and all the forms of communication you are now capable of, you are uncovering things you have not seen before. As the Keeper has explained, the levels of technology now developing with such a wide range of influences are making it very difficult to get an accurate overview. This will continue for a while, but is it a problem? Not from our perspective. In truth, none of these differences and challenges you see could have been uncovered otherwise.