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A Powerful New Tool for Ascension

A Powerful New Tool for Ascension Juliano and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians! We want to speak about the world of creation and how this relates to the changes going on personally and planetarily. Let us look at the world of creation from the standpoint of the mental body. In fact, there are beings, such as in the Andromeda Galaxy, called the Blue People, who live only in the mental world. Some of you are connected to these very high beings on a soul level.

The world of creation in your language is also expressed as the world of ideas and thoughts. To manifest, there must be an idea and an image behind it. Somebody must have an idea and a desire to create it. You know that creating a house requires a drawing or an architectural design. To build a house, you first have to hire an architect to draw the design, and then from that design, the house can be created. Then you need to buy the right materials and gather the right workers to build it. How does this relate to the tools of ascension and Earth’s ascension? You are a part of the race of Adam, the Adam species. You have ideas and images that will unfold with the proper nurturing and inclination, including the codes of ascension.

One of the key factors in the evolution toward ascension is unlocking the codes of ascension. These higher evolutionary processes are ingrained in your DNA, your neurological patterns, the deeper parts of the pineal gland, and the higher parts of your brains. The image and the idea of how you can evolve into a higher state of being is part of you. Earth was created with a program for higher planetary evolvement. This higher planetary evolvement has the codes to move Earth into the fifth dimension. Earth has in its astral sphere of light, the program, images, and codes for evolution into the fifth dimension. For a planet like Earth to evolve, it needs lightworkers.