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Personal Changes Have Global Effects

Personal Changes Have Global Effects Hilarion through Ingrid Auer

Sometimes I ask myself how it is possible that so many people in the wealthy Western world run to their therapists for every little “cold of the mind” and want to reappraise everything. Could it be possible that we take ourselves too seriously sometimes? What about the great number of people on Earth who have no time or money for therapists? I put this question to the spiritual world, and it was answered immediately. Now I am pleased to pass the answer on to you.

Greetings, I am Hilarion. You would call me an ascended master. It is good that from time to time you not only think of yourselves but also of others. Many have been urged from an early age to think of those in need. This is why you ask yourselves whether you are too self-involved, too selfish, or too egotistical whenever your thoughts turn on yourselves and your own needs.

Let me say one thing right off the bat: Every one of you is born to a particular place in society and with a particular life plan. Yes, your personal karma determines which tasks and capabilities you bring into this world and which course your life will possibly take. It is not ordained by God that some people suffer and have hard lives. After all, you are called on to care for others, no matter what the karmic tasks they have brought into this life might look like. It is all about compassion, which has an especially strong transformative energy. But it is important that you are not tempted to take other people’s personal responsibility away from them.