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Live from the Perspective of Neutrality

Live from the Perspective of Neutrality The One Life through Catherine Weser

Coming through the three thresholds of awareness — developing awareness of change, acceptance, and One Life consciousness — greater awareness has been awakened. The qualities of this awareness are presence, aliveness, and liberation. All three of these qualities could also be understood as functioning in a state of neutrality.

Neutrality, from our perspective, is nonjudgment from which all positive actions can emerge. All experience is cocreative and, therefore, interdependent, so neutrality is the center, a bindhu point, and the mandala of all creation expands from this center.

If you are not in a state of neutrality, if action is taken from frustration, fear, or need to prove yourself, the subtle cues from the cocreative energies of your world start to be overwritten by a personal agenda. When you feel frustration or anger and have difficulty in moving forward in your life, it’s generally because you’re not in a true state of neutrality. You’re trying to force your personal agenda on the world around you. This can be very, very subtle, but if you engage in forcing your agenda for a long enough period, you will become absolutely exhausted. You will believe you have no support or “can’t get a break.” You will have an ongoing experience of trying to plow through to try to get somewhere. When you understand what’s happening and let go of this agenda, you begin functioning in true neutrality.