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Healing Transitions

Healing Transitions Archangel Raphael through Natalie Glasson

I, Archangel Raphael, stand before you as an emerald jewel of light emanating all that I am to you. I am known as the archangel of healing as well as the archangel of soul discovery/synthesis. I wish to be of service to you to support you in your transition of embodying your soul with greater intensity. Please receive my presence, and breathe my light deeply into your being. It is potent with love vibrations, angelic codes, and templates of awakening especially for you.

All healing manifests from an awakening, synthesis, or embodiment of the soul. Healing is witnessing the soul’s magic. When I bring forth healing energies to support you, I am giving my light to you, which carries an intention of embodying greater volumes of light, love, and truth. My light energizes your intention of healing, and then I connect with it, inviting an aspect of your soul to merge with your physical being. I clear your energies so that the energy of your soul can flow with greater ease, free from blockages or hindrances. The experience of healing happens the moment your soul integrates into your being and merges with yours and my intention, thus increasing your light quotient and energy vibration. You become a beacon of light, which allows clarity and understanding to dawn — in truth, a new perspective.

To summarize, healing is a transition of the soul’s integration with your physical aspect, the increase of light within your entire being, and a transformation in your perspective. This is how I work with you when you call for my assistance.