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Great Power Emerges as You Realign with Your Heart

Great Power Emerges as You Realign with Your Heart The Cosmic Essence through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

On your world, there has been a great affliction with what many call money and material obligation. Many consider this world as one that revolves around things, just random things. When one is able to release attachment to things and embrace the beauty and contentment of an abundant life rather than the perception of a luxuriant life, a deep soul recognition comes forward and unlocks the true role of the house of the soul.

What is the house of the soul? What is the key to this abundant life? What is the recognition of all the houses coming forward now? Held within the unification of all worlds and the recognition of oneness, there is a cleansing process that frees the soul. To clean a home often leaves the one who did the cleaning feeling refreshed, does it not?

During the cleaning process, there might be tedium and concern, yet once the cleaning is complete, there is the recognition of expansion and renewal. Freshness arises with room to grow and move forward, claiming a revitalized way of being.