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God-Force Power Awakens the Soul of the World

God-Force Power Awakens the Soul of the World The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

Blessed ones, the time of the great light is on Earth. The power of creation is the force that moves the destinies of humankind. You have awakened and renewed the spirit of light in a living community of faith. You are the ones who have persevered through the darkest times and found the light. Your lightbodies are in harmony with the infinite source of All That Is, and the power of this light flows through you into the world. These are the times of times, and you are the agents of change. All that was hidden behind the veils of secrecy now comes to the light to be seen and transformed.

The power of this transformation is penetrating the deepest elements of distortion and disharmony that cause suffering. The chaos is a shock to your energetic body. You will feel the effects of this energy. It will cause exhaustion at times and even empathic feelings of fear and depression. Let this energy be transmuted with your light, and send it to the angels and the masters. They are working with you as guardians of the light to transform this energy so that it does not return to Earth as discordant frequencies. There is a movement of currents through the veil into the master plane that allows the energies not of love to flow from the consciousness of Earth into the light. You are a conduit for this current. Allow it to flow through you.

Let go of all that brings you grief and sorrow. Your emotional body is the playground for unresolved energy. It must be transformed on a personal level for the collective to shift. When you feel anger and resentment, pause and think from your heart. If it is yours, work on resolution through forgiveness and gratitude.