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Emotions Biomerge into the Divine Heart

Emotions Biomerge into the Divine Heart The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

New Earth remains a genetic universe and is being fully restored to genetic integrity. It’s all part of disclosure and the truth of who you are as a species and what your I Am DNA carries in your biophysicals. Your fully conscious biophysicals along with Gaia, are seeding all the new quantum multihelixes. These include the new lightbodies as well as cosmic intelligences or quantum codes to build new worlds and create with dark matter.

You have become the meta-universal school. This is because full-conscious embodiment is returning full-essence genetic integrity to all soul contracts again. The timelines of ETs or interdimensional oligarchies using humans as their genetic petri dishes are over. When you opened the new quantum fields, you removed the artificial intelligence (AI) chip from the solar plexus of the universe. This synthetic mind had grown a tumor that fed off essence in every human life system and activity. That is why it has taken so long for us to restore, code, and grow the essence lightbodies into the divine human prototype.

The ancients and elder councils did not need ET cloning. Creation produces essence starseeds through pure essence seeding with the soul in contract. Violations of genetic free will, body hopping, stealing energy, or energy holding were unnecessary. Essence I Am is its own natural life-wave carrier throughout the cosmos.