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Eclipses Usher Major Changes

Eclipses Usher Major Changes Michelle Karen

Jupiter turns retrograde on Sunday, February 5 at 23º08' until 22º22' Libra this month. It remains retrograde until June 9. Its shadow period lasts until September 6. The two degrees traveled this month are represented in the Sabian symbols by “Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise” and “a child giving birds a drink at a fountain.” This retrogradation inaugurates a new cycle of abundance stemming from generosity of spirit, compassion, and respect for all forms of life. We seek fairness and justice now. Situations where all parties win are favored. Ethical treatment of humans and animals are emphasized. This is a rare cosmic event twice in row. Again, there is no other retrograde planet this month!

February is an eclipse month, meaning a month of major changes beyond which life will never be the same. Where these eclipses fall in our natal charts reveals the areas of our lives that will be highlighted over the next few years.

There will be a lunar eclipse on Friday, February 9 at 4:33pm at 22º28' Leo. The Sabian symbol associated with this degree is “glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” This eclipse encourages us to walk in beauty and follow our bliss. Ultimately, our highest mission is just to be happy. When we find this happiness in our hearts, serenity permeates all our cells. It is from this magical place of balance and peace that we manifest the most beautiful creations.