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DreamZone: Embrace Your Inner Warrior

DreamZone: Embrace Your Inner Warrior Lauri Quinn Loewenberg

Last night, I dreamed about trying to open a combination lock. I tried and tried, and between every effort, I would fix my hair and makeup! I finally opened the lock, but I don’t remember what it protected.

— Monique, 57, Hanmer, Ontario

From Lauri: Since the dream was last night, we should be able to connect it to something that happened yesterday or very recently. What have you been struggling to accomplish in real life? Have you been having a hard time getting someone to open up to you? What current situation feels like something you need to unlock? Fixing your hair and your makeup is a big clue. Is there someone you wish to make up with or a situation in which you are trying or hoping to make yourself look better to others — not to look like the bad guy? Hair in dreams usually represents something on our minds or our mode of thinking. Your dream might be telling you that the key to getting past this issue is to change the way you think about it.

Monique replies: I am trying to get on my boss’s good side. She has been distant lately. I was actually thinking that this dream is telling me to just leave it alone. Thank you!