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Create a New Reality with Divine Mind

Create a New Reality with Divine Mind Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings, masters! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, with Tyberonn of crystalline service, and we greet you heartily in a vector of unconditional love. The reason most books and commercialized teachings on manifestation do not work is because they do not have the understanding of the deeper mind versus the 3D brain. Most are about manifesting monetary wealth, and in most cases, the only one truly manifesting is the publisher.

There are many unexplained nuances and aspects in the texts. Even when you expand the mind, you must optimize and balance the auric field for the crystalline aspect that allows creation to function. The key evolvement principles for accessing the law of creation are (1) expanded programming of the brain, knowledge into belief, (2) the release of ego-personality control to allow the divine-mind aspect of higher consciousness, (3) maintain EMF balance, (4) activate the merkanah-crystalline aspect of oversoul harmonization, and (5) maintain balance and clarity.

It is essential you understand that the 3D brain — the ego-personality aspect incorporated in your physical 3D biology — is programmed for survival in a primary coding. The survival code brings in the warning signals that involve cautions often experienced as fear and doubt. The frontal mind, the ego-personality aspect, is engineered to dominate your 3D consciousness, to allow linear time flow and survival within the physical plane. The challenge is that to rise above 3D consciousness, you must rise out of ego consciousness and flow into divine mind within the seat of the soul, the gateway into divine mind.