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The Clash of Wills

The Clash of Wills Lynn Buess

February can be a definitive month regarding global behavior for the rest of the year. It is a time of raw emotions, and some of that is not good. The scripted violence both here and abroad is ramped up to a new level, and the world is on edge. Amid the conflicts, contradictions, and chaos are those who offer a message of harmony, warmth, and imagination. These awakening souls offer genuine suggestions for bringing about the type of world that humanity truly desires.

There has been increasing discussion over the years to possibly disclose information about contact that has been made with extraterrestrial life. This would be a very fortuitous month for that to happen. Is the world population ready to accept this reality? Probably. Are the information holders willing to let go of the power it gives them to keep it to themselves? Probably not. Will the disclosure be twisted and distorted to fit the needs and agenda of those who control the information? Most likely. If you are in control of chaos, you do not want to lose your foothold.

Long-hidden global sex trafficking and abuse rings continue to be exposed by alternative news sources. Expect Antarctica to bring stunning revelations in the news. Economic conditions here and abroad continue to deteriorate. Notable deaths and the likelihood of assassination are high for this month. Elevated Richter scale quakes are in the news more frequently. Diplomatic exchanges between the United States and China reach dramatic heights. Election reactions are still fiercely debated.