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To Bring About Change, Accept What Is

To Bring About Change, Accept What Is Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Dear ones, I am Amma, the Divine Mother of the divine mothers, and I am your mother. As human beings in the twenty-first century, you are living amazing lives in an amazing time. In 2012, a time you looked forward to and that now seems so long ago, I gave warnings to people regarding their expectations. I warned that 2012 was not going to be a panacea of what you were expecting it to be. People believed that 2012 was going to usher in a new age. That was correct; 2012 introduced a new age, but it is not the utopia you expected it to be. You, and millions of others, expected or hoped that 2012 would bring a time of peace and joy. Many were disappointed and disillusioned that it did not usher in a completely new planet with new inhabitants. No, 2012 brought in the energies to precede the attainment of a new age. Think of it in the same way you would think of buying a new home. That home was once owned by other people who had a lower-vibrational energy than you. Unfortunately, those people did not take very good care of it.

When you first walked into your new home, you were confronted with the damage done by the previous owners. They left trash strewn about the house and the yard. They also damaged the home in ways that were irreparable. Taking out the trash, cleaning up the walls and the floor, and even tearing down walls to the frame are not fun and can be disappointing. In fact, the renovation can be traumatic and difficult. You might harm yourself on some of the damaged walls or fixtures. You might discover mold that gives off a distinctive, horrendous odor and must be eliminated.

December 2012 was when you walked into your new house, this planet rising to a higher vibration. The inhabitants of the old energy left a mess. They left low-vibrational energy and old ways of doing things that kept people separate rather than facilitating the movement into the oneness. The old energy left fear and greed. It left violence and apathy. Much of the low-vibrational energy was hidden. People did not reveal the low-vibration emotions, but they were present. All this old energy must be cleared out before the new energy can fill your house.