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Ask for Validation

Ask for Validation El Morya and the Lords of Light through Maureen St. Germain

We are the Lords of Light, helping Earth and her inhabitants transform into their new reality. Be aware and be prepared to let go of anything and everything in the instance you might be required to do so. This is not to say that disaster is imminent. What it means is that you’re so willing to shift in change that you could be willing to let go of your past wounds, hurts, and disappointments. By consciously choosing to let go of these things, you greatly enhance your abilities to come away from this transformation with the garment of light that is so pleasing to you. You will not care that you have left baggage behind.

Let’s say you went on a big trip, and when you arrived, you were told your suitcase has been lost. You could be upset. You could mourn the loss of your favorite shoes, clothing, or jewelry, or you could say, “Now I get to go shopping! Now I get to try new things. I get to create.”

We know of a family who lost everything in a house fire on Christmas Day. One minute they had everything, and the next minute, the house burned to the ground, and they lost everything. They barely got out with their lives. Do not put yourself in that situation. Cancel that thought. Simply observe that, and say,