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Akashic Answers: Fill Your Spiritual Bank Account with Love

Akashic Answers: Fill Your Spiritual Bank Account with Love Amanda Romania

During the past few months, I have felt very, very fearful. I have searched for a cure or a self-help answer, but nothing seems to help me let go of this daily anxiety. It’s affecting my family and my work. Can you see anything in my akashic records that can give me insight into my blockages or soul agreements? I really want to move forward in my life and find happiness. My soul feels a little empty, and I do not know what to do.

— Erica, New Orleans

From Amanda: Your soul and your higher-self energy are being really brave at this moment. Your records show me that you have a close connection to the starseed race of Sirius. Souls connected with this energy bring forward truth, and they also sense when life around them is not in alignment with the greater good.

I see you in a past life when the United States was heading toward the Civil War. You appear as a male soldier in a dark navy uniform. I see you at a rally that is rounding up soldiers, and this brings you great sadness because you know it will divide the nation.