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You Are the One Who Lights the Sun

You Are the One Who Lights the Sun The Spirit of Space and Gabriel et al. through Arthur Fanning

Peace to all beings. God’s justice is peace; that’s what it is. So peace to all beings creates a space of justice within your self and your own acknowledgment of all things, actually. The justice is your peace, and the peace is your justice.

There is information that many of you are going to start receiving emotionally, telepathically, and perhaps with the verbiage, the three conditions. And when they hit emotionally, you’ll be, “Hmm, I had that feeling.” Telepathically, it’s as words or thought processes like the sound of the words. You are going to realize that you are the one in your genetic line who has been studying these techniques.

So you’re going to need to send these bubbles of protection to individual members of your family. Just so it’s over them. They don’t have to know anything about it. They’re like bubble wrap, like a clear cellophane sphere around them. Just picture them with that bubble around them. Your force adds protection in that bubble. Your knowledge, your awareness of defenses, and beings that you know, will be in that bubble and will assist them in an unconscious state. Okay? This is needed now. We need to send protection to everyone in our genetic line, living or not, all of them, because they are what provided you the opportunity to be you.