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Turn Stumbling Blocks into Steppingstones

Turn Stumbling Blocks into Steppingstones Almine

Why is there so much aggression on Earth, both in humanity and in the animal kingdom?

Because we misunderstand the nature of life. We see it as hostile and unsupportive and ourselves as victims of one opposing factor
after another.

If life is not hostile, how did we gain such a distorted perspective that sees aggression as a necessary weapon to fight against the hardships
of life?

By not living one of our inner subpersonalities.

Representations and Directions
of Subpersonalities

We have the inner child, the inner warrior, the inner nurturer, and the inner sage. Which is it?

No, these are the subpersonalities of the vertical axis of the psyche of humans. The horizontal axis consists of the inner high priest (also called wise woman or high mind), the inner babe, and the inner wild woman. The subpersonality that’s missing is the inner adventurer, or scout.