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Transform Frustration into a Celebration of Your Highest Good

Transform Frustration into a Celebration of Your Highest Good Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again for our little chat! I am Teacher, and how perfectly wondrous it is that we can speak in this manner. I’d like to bring up the topic of how to dance through your life even when difficulties and frustrations seem to take the lead.

Let’s look at how difficulties take form. The answer is simple, my dears. To state it outright, difficulties and frustrations flow from the parameters that you set on your expectations. Ah, yes, those expectations. Now, I am not saying that expectations are bad or wrong. No, they are not the culprits at all. In fact, one of the ways to have a wonderful dance of life is to expect it to be wondrous, to expect that everything that occurs is for your highest good.

Now, that saying, to expect that the highest good will always occur, has come a long way, and many have decided that it just isn’t practical to believe or think or expect the cause and effect to deliver just that. But it is not the cause and effect that will deliver that. What will? Oh, you are going to sigh and remember when I say this: Your inner beliefs and manner of being with your self, knowing the truth of who you are, will cause the delivery of the fruition of that statement.