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There Is a New Rhythm on Earth

There Is a New Rhythm on Earth The group through Steve Rother

Greetings, everybody, I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. I wanted to join in for a moment because I am having a birthday. Actually, I have a birthday every month, but I have not told anyone about it because you do not quite have enough numbers to add up to my birthday. No, we are past the 200,000 mark now, and we just kind of forget about it from that point. I wanted to celebrate with all of you, though, because you understand what is taking place on planet Earth, and it is becoming rather beautiful.

Now, we know you have all these problems that are concerns: ISIL, Al Qaeda, and all these different things going on in your world that you think you have to control. Dear ones, I will tell you something else: There are many different divisions of this, for you live in only one aspect of it. There are other choices being made, and some of the most beautiful parts about this are occurring in another dimension of time and space right next to yours. In the dimension closest to you, if you want to think about it that way, the situation has just been resolved. There, the people have found peace, discovering a way to neutralize the hate and war on planet Earth. It might even spread to others, so hold a little bit of hope.

The vibrational walls are mighty thin now, and you are going to see a little bleed-through from that. You will be walking around thinking, “Oh, the world is a mess! I do not have anything to be happy about,” and then all of a sudden, you will find yourself laughing. Well, that is a reset, something we get to do from this side of the veil. You still have free choice. We do not impose anything on you, but we set up an opportunity for you to see the hope because that is the part that is missing. You understand that when you are looking closely and holding on so tightly, you actually project what you want to see on the screen in front of you. Yes, dear ones, you create your own reality this way, day after day after day.