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The Shift from Fear to Love

The Shift from Fear to Love Master Serapis Bey through Natalie Glasson

Fear is an energy that you create and energize within your being in response to circumstances, experiences, and even thought processes. Fear is an aspect of the ego that is present to protect and safeguard you as a physical being on Earth, yet it has become empowered within humanity. The power of fear has been enhanced beyond an instinct or impulse for protection to become a way of life, a constant experience, and an inner guiding voice. Fear was originally present to encourage you to be conscious and aware, observant of any dangers around you, yet it now encourages many to be unconscious and unaware of the truth, their senses, and the Creator.

Overcome the Useful Origins of Fear

As ascended masters viewing Earth, we can see that fear is being used as a tool to create stagnation, separation from the Creator, and disempowerment of your inner truth. Fear has always been present within the physical body, but not with such power as now. Fears are rising within many people as energetic patterns from current circumstances and past lifetimes because it is now time for fear to be returned to its original presence and purpose, allowing your soul to guide your way forward once more.

You may be using the energy of fear, patterns of your past, or past lifetime fears as tools against yourself because of conscious or unconscious beliefs of being unworthy or unloved. Unfortunately, some people have realized that fear is a tool that they can use to condition, control, and damage others, creating a false sense of power and illusion of their importance and ability to dictate. While other people can create situations knowing full well that this will induce fear in many, if you choose to be conscious and aware of your energy and emotions, you can realize that fear does not always have to be activated within you or awoken as a response. Fear feels like a natural response in certain situations, yet it is a response that causes you to be unaware, separate from the Creator, and unconscious of the sacred power within your being. If you let go of the perspective that fear is a natural response, you realize that your ego enjoys fear because it means you will be content with the familiar and not step out of your comfort zone; therefore physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional expansion will not take place. It can even be said that your soul will not be able to achieve its divine purposes on Earth while you allow fear to guide and control aspects of your being and reality.