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See beyond the Piscean Illusion of Duality

See beyond the Piscean Illusion of Duality Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, once again I greet you, this time as you enter the second month of 2016. I trust you are all holding the power of a new year’s opening portal. May our combined efforts refresh the world with peace and goodness this year, and may humanity come to discover greater harmony, deeper understanding, and justice for all Earth’s offspring. Indeed, let us dedicate our work this year to the evolutionary process of a world in transition. May our joined focus be strong and unwavering toward the reclamation of planetary peace.

I welcome all of you to 2016, a year that could become quite pivotal for planet Earth. Indeed, every new year is replete with promise, isn’t it? May the potentialities for each of you be realized this year, and may you be afforded great growth and spiritual progress. Twenty fifteen extracted some heavy tolls both at individual and global levels. Thus, it is probably important to engage 2016 remembering that even in the most difficult times, the promise of a better future comes up each morning with the rising of the Sun. Indeed, when the Sun shines on you this year, may you experience its warmth as the embrace of the soul.

Welcome the New Day with Awe

If I were to offer a bit of advice for the year, it would be to open your eyes each morning feeling awe and gratitude. Approach each new day with a zeal to search for opportunities wherein you may witness goodness and beauty. Indeed, they are present in every moment, even though you may at times need to search out their presence. May this year offer you the wisdom and the grace to look beyond the grimmer moments that may arise. Plant yourselves firmly in each and every fresh moment, and remain grounded throughout the year. Without denying the heavier aspects that planetary transition brings, root yourself in goodness and wisdom.