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A Pathless Path

A Pathless Path One Life Consciousness through Catherine Weser

This is the time of a “pathless path.” Whether you believe you chose to walk this path or whether you even believe there is a pathless path is irrelevant. You are being taught some extremely valuable and important lessons. You are receiving some significant gifts from a place where there may seem to be no direction and no teacher to inspire you. There may be nothing to tell you what to do or where to go. There is no specific organization, group, or study that lays out what’s next for you. There’s just you and your thoughts. And this is a pathless path.

Navigate through the
Endless Possibilities

As long as you continue to think that something is missing — identifying that there are no teachers, no groups, and no books or studies — you will focus on the things that seem to be gone in your life, and your life will seem empty. What has to transform is your ability to have thoughts that are about what’s right here and right now, and that is you and your world. Your world is made up of your perceptions and thoughts, and now those thoughts must align or in some way create your next steps so that you can continue on this seemingly new pathless path.

Here you are, and there are literally thousands of books you could read, hundreds of teachers you could explore, and millions and millions of other spiritual seekers you could connect with. There is no lack of possible next steps. As long as you think you are missing what you had defined as your path before, you’re stuck. The opportunities and possibilities that surround you become confusing and difficult to navigate if you continue to hold on to your idea of what you believe is missing. Realize that you’re showered with opportunities and that any and all of them are perfect and appropriate. You can trust your interests. You can follow any kind of momentary spark you feel for anything. You can follow your nose, so to speak. If something sounds good to you, you can explore it. Try everything, and use your experience to determine what feels best in the moment. Don’t try to think your way out the conundrum of what to do next. Your thoughts are just thoughts, and it is your experience of things that is the greater guidance.