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Living Oneness: Truth without Doubt

Living Oneness: Truth without Doubt Archangel Raphael through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Beloved ones of many worlds, we are the one you know as Raphael. We come to you today because your planet is aligned for a time of abundant healing. We are with you often, supporting healing in ways that are softly working in the background with the will of a soul that calls forth great healing.

We see many organs, hearts, and energies that spiral with golden recognition. There is also the energy of resistance intertwined among these manifestations, and this resistance is called forward as doubt. The healing on your world now is the knowing that you are at the great moment. Why is this the great moment? It is the opportunity to release all doubt.

Doubt is a gift that is yours to claim while in form. It has many forms that are often misunderstood until the time of the release. It is a way to embrace love. It is a way to move forward, and it is a profound healer. Consider that when you doubt, you offer yourself a moment, just a moment, of presence. Because you doubt, you are present with yourself. You are able to open a great healing portal. This portal offers the gateway to release doubt.