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Lilith Brings Change

Lilith Brings Change Egyptian Cat Archetypes through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

February 2016 is a powerful bridge of energy between past and future, before and after, old and new. This is an opportunity to let go of old emotional fears, attachments, limitations, and choices that no longer serve the individual or the collective. Tremendous healing is possible on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric, karmic, and deep soul. Profound healing, restructuring, reordering, and reorganizing from a subatomic particle level to the expanse of the cosmos in all times, spaces, and dimensions is possible for those receptive to this boon. During February 2016, many bringers of wholeness are assisting in bringing about more fluid, flexible, and creative frameworks through which all kingdoms may express and experience their beingness.

Those aligned with the galactic center energies shall experience the Mother of All Creation’s reweaving of the cosmic tapestry in all its varying and expanding hues and textures. This may be gleaned in a variety of ways — from becoming aware of a broader spectrum of colors to seeing the shimmer in everyday things, from hearing sounds unnoticed before to sensing or becoming aware of thoughts or energies of fear or love emanating from all living things (people, animals, insects, trees, rocks, land, mountains, clouds, oceans, lakes, and more).

Experience New Expressions of Love

Lilith continues to reflect to the entire human kingdom the perfected vision of abundance, balanced reciprocity, connection, cooperation, communication, and unconditional love that is the destiny of all living beings. In seeking to look into her mirror — in the form of Lilith, Kali Ma, Pele, or the Cat Being Sekhmet — it is possible to discover the many facets of the jewel of truth that represents each of you. The integration, transformation, and empowerment possible from this points to new paths and possibilities heretofore considered impossible by many of you.