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The Lemurian Art of Speaking

The Lemurian Art of Speaking Karinna Nielsen

Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.

— Napoleon Hill

I recently shared about what attentive listeners the ancient Lemurians were [see “The Lemurian Art of Listening” in the January 2016 issue, pg. 89], but what about the Lemurian way of speaking? How conscious were they of the words they chose to express themselves, knowing that their words would be lovingly listened to?

Communication as
a Treasured Pathway

The Lemurians knew the power of the spoken word to enlighten and to honor the listener as well as the speaker and to manifest the will of the speaker into physical form. Every word was considered truth and chosen carefully with great clarity of intention, as they knew each word would be intently listened to in order to hear the truth of the speaker. The words were often even chanted or sung because of the beauty of the truth being expressed.

Much like our world today, the Lemurians were on a collective journey of evolution from the third to the fourth and fifth dimensions, and each one felt responsible for the evolutionary journey of all. Communication with other Lemurians was considered a treasured pathway to express love from the heart with the intention of raising a collective vibration of love.