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Karmic Reality

Karmic Reality Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. When we, Onereon, express this concept of “as above, so below,” we are cognizant of the mental disconnection felt by most of the family human. To contemplate this, the continuation of your life while not incarnate on Earth, is difficult for many. A primary reason for this difficulty is that there is so much misinformation and so little reality of perception when humanity searches for answers regarding the continuum of life after its short spans of consciousness on Earth. We have spoken of karmic energy and karmic generations. In addition we have used the phrase “karmic thread” when referring to a continuity of life before, during, and after an incarnation. Let us delve a little deeper with the understanding that it is not easy to comprehend the full reality of karma while in the lower-vibrational state of earthly life.

Release Dualistic Concepts

First, karmic energy is not to be understood in terms of punishment and reward. This is a mistaken interpretation brought on by fear-based dualistic beliefs. We acknowledge and ask that you become aware of the fact that within the societies known to history, there are often groups of people who have vested interests in promoting the theory of cosmic punishment and reward. We are stating this only as an observation of imbalance.

Karma is not, as is commonly misunderstood, a system of judgment. It is more the idea of consequences or consequential action. The sum of one’s deeds and decisions constitute individual karma. In this view, the path one chooses is a personal creation of karma rather than being at the mercy of some higher power. This is the seat of the concept of free will. Some may feel that they are blessed while others feel cursed by circumstances of birth and life. Karma, understood as a path of free will, allows for anyone to shift and alter his or her path.