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The Gifts of Silence

The Gifts of Silence Waymas through Abby Isadora Haydon

We have come to talk to you before about the ways in which to use your mind and emotions. Now we are speaking again to encourage you to use the time of late winter to explore the depths and the healing that going into silence can bring to you. If you are open to this idea, then there will be a harvest of many benefits throughout this year.

Residents of the Northern
Hemisphere Are Responsible for Assisting Humanity’s Evolution

In the Northern Hemisphere of your planet, now is a time of quiet when Earth is able to regenerate itself and prepare for the coming of the season of new growth that you call spring. It is a time when your Earth is in the process of creating new life that will emerge within the next few months.

We encourage you to be in harmony with the energies of Earth. We feel that it is good at this time to open to the cleansing of your mental and emotional bodies and clear out what has not been productive for you in the past year. We know that it is a tradition in many of your societies to do this at the beginning of the calendar year, at the time you call January. We wish to bring to your attention that this month, according to the energies of your planet, is a time when you will be able to cleanse your energy field for the new developments that await you within the season of new growth.