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Find Peace of Mind through Meditation

Find Peace of Mind through Meditation All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

I am most happy to bring more information from the Source of All things. As the vibration of our planet continues to shift, certain things that were always important will become more important. Source wishes and desires for us all to work on the self. It is through working on self and keeping it strong that we all become strong, one person at a time, in regard to the day ahead on Earth. Source wishes for us to all ponder the following. If you think we are alone in the universes, think again!

We often speak of the importance of meditation. There is no other personal practice that benefits you more. Therefore, we will continue along this vein. Meditation is the avenue that can and will bring about peace of mind, if you allow it to. Once again, meditation is taking time out to center and focus yourself. It is that simple in terms of definition. However, there are many options for doing it that depend on your personal vibration. If you are high-strung, a simple way to meditate is with your eyes open. This allows you to focus on images and to cease streaming thoughts. If you feel you can’t sit with your eyes open and meditate, then you might have to close them and focus on the sounds around you to assist you in ceasing the thought patterns. Either way, it is up to you. We only need for you to seek inside the self and find what is best for you. Of course, everyone on your planet should meditate.

Meditation is designed to help you remember that you are connected to everything everywhere. It takes the spirit back to the true journey into self and us. Your mind begins to perceive (as it should) that it is connected to every other brain on your planet. It really is, even if you think it’s not. Please consider going to a local metaphysical store, center, or facility to speak with someone who can assist you in finding the kind of meditation that will be best for you.