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Everything Is Right with You

Everything Is Right with You Watchers through Helenita Ziegler

The holidays are concluded, and I am still waiting for “the peace that passeth understanding,” as I hear the old song running through in my mind. So I asked exactly what I am waiting for and how I can understand this peace. Days later, I heard the following explanation:

Peace is not to be sought but to be acknowledged within yourself. Know it is different from the peaceful feeling you know in meditation.

Now is the time to be present, completely and all the time, in your human experience. We prefer for you to see it as an adventure, a discovery within the unknown of what perhaps is a new awareness to you. Your unconscious has protected you successfully for a very long time, as it was the plan to keep you on a preordained path. Everything is part of a cycle, so you are returning. Grasp that. Grasp it now. Feel it. Know it. Remember. With that, you come to a new definition — well, new to your conscious self.