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The Energy of Symbols

The Energy of Symbols Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

For longer than you have been able to communicate by written languages, you have had the ability to share your thoughts with others of your kind via the use of symbols. In the beginning, symbols were simple, yet in their simplicity, they were profound. They conveyed messages succinctly and clearly. There was no confusion such as there is with your written languages of today. There is a point at which languages become overcomplicated, and thus the message is less clearly understood by the receiver.

Your written languages have gone through much morphing over the thousands of years in which humans have inhabited this planet and dimension. Those first simplistic written languages that consisted of glyphs were modeled after aspects or objects in everyday life eons ago. Even today, those ancient writings are much easier to understand by those who study them in current time than your complex, complicated written languages will be in distant futures. Imagine an archeologist several thousand years into your future attempting to interpret your current writings.

Ancient written languages were composed of symbols that represented things found in the everyday life of the people in those times. That fact makes them eternally easier to decode and interpret than most of your written languages of today. Most current writings have no symbolism referring to anything in your life. There are no letters in your alphabet that are based on or relate to your current lives.