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Embrace the Lightness of Being

Embrace the Lightness of Being The Keepers of Atlanta through Laura Pieratt

I asked about the beings who channeled this message, and they said, “We are Keepers of Atlanta.” I felt them as associated to Atlantis, now in the form of a colony that awaits us in the New Earth. They said they were a space-age community awaiting the presence of divine New Earth beings.

We begin in the energies of harmony, peace, wisdom, and joy, a good place to begin any endeavor. We of the light are here with you to share some insights. We offer them in reverence and joviality, frequencies that are not separate as you often experience them. We are lightbeings, so we can take whatever form we wish, but you can think of us as wispy beings capable of floating and flowing in and around you or perhaps sitting on your shoulder, for we bring you light and lightness. It is our joy to invoke the lightness of being. We see that you often miss the humor in life and take yourselves too seriously. It is our intent to lighten your load by helping to lighten your spirit. All the while, we are deeply reverent and hold magnificent gratitude and awe for how quickly you are transitioning in the light of this new golden age!

There is a saying: Too much of even a good thing is still too much. We wish to have you consider the opposite: Not enough of a good thing is still not enough. When you focus very seriously on what you think you lack or what you feel is in short supply, you create more lack, digging down even deeper into taking yourselves and life very seriously as you valiantly try to create what you want through struggle. This struggle actually creates the opposite of flow — antiflow — and blocks what you wish to experience.