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Be Aware during a Time of Global Power Struggle

Be Aware during a Time of Global Power Struggle Lynn Buess

As the world comes out of a defining year of consciousness, this month reveals some important clues as to which way the wheel turned from last year. Turmoil, terror, and tempestuous childish resistance seem to be the reactions of the established but faltering manipulators of the night. Power brokers do not like to give up power.

The world is on edge with heightened urgency. Uncertainty is gripping more of the mass consciousness than we’ve seen since the tribulations of the previous world wars. The dialectic wars have brought humankind to the threshold of woes never known. The roles of Russia, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia are crucial and definitive regarding the Middle East. The moves by North Korea, Taiwan, and Japan are crucial and definitive to the East. The roles and moves by France, Germany, and Italy are crucial to Europe and the West. All of these will have a weighty effect on the direction of global evolution at this time.

Where money goes, power thrives. Be aware of the big global money picture. It will help your financial planning if you read the trends accurately. The prices for gold and silver will most likely start to rise once again. Global powers seek to obtain and control gold more than ever. Public announcements remain shocking and disturbing as the social engineers further ramp up fear and confusion.